Productivity Tracers

Photosynthesis in the upper ocean plays a critical role in the global biogeochemical cycling of carbon and oxygen. Accurate assessment of the metabolic rates of ecosystems in the upper ocean is thus a central challenge to understanding biogeochemical fluxes and their controls in the marine environment.  Photosynthesis leaves and imprint on the stable isotope abundances of dissolved oxygen from which we can infer rates of primary production

The triple oxygen isotopic (TOI) composition of dissolved oxygen has, over the last decade, become widely adopted as a powerful new tracer of upper ocean biological productivity.  Interpreting mixed layer TOI signatures in terms of a rate of gross productivity requires assumptions be made about mixed layer and biological dynamics.  We have incorporated the TOI tracer system into 1D and global (Community Earth System Model; CESM) models to improve interpretation of the TOI tracer.


WHOI: R.H.R. Stanley, S.C. Doney
U.WASHINGTON: H.I. Palevsky, P.D. Quay


NOAA CPO: A Novel Constraint for Biogeochemical Modeling: Triple Oxygen Isotopes
Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (CMORE)

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